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Intensive Outpatient Program in Laguna Beach

Convenient & Effective Recovery Treatment

The intensive outpatient program at Mission Pacific Coast Recovery provides structure in a shortened day with the emphasis being on integration of family, work, and daily life responsibilities. During the program, patients will participate in the group process, yoga, meditation, nutrition education, and many other beneficial aspects.

This is often the best option for patients who do not require medically-supervised detox. In some cases, a patient may join our intensive outpatient program in Laguna Beach after they have completed medical detoxification, allowing them to continue their journey towards recovery in a more convenient and effective manner.

What are the benefits of an intensive outpatient program?

When patients have been approved for this type of treatment, it can allow them to integrate back into regular life while still obtaining the support and services they need to remain accountable to recovery.

Patients in our outpatient program can:

  • Start rebuilding relationships right away
  • Enjoy the comfort of their own home
  • Establish a foundation for long-term recovery
  • Gain support from the local community
  • Start taking on work if possible
  • Benefit from a more flexible schedule

We still encourage patients’ family members to stay active in a patient’s rehabilitation during this process, as this involvement can go a long way in helping them establish a more solid and strong foundation for their holistic recovery.

Mission Pacific Coast Recovery has a scenic, beautiful drug and alcohol rehab center in Laguna Beach and also offers treatment in Mission Viejo as well. If you are ready to take the first step towards a brighter future, call us today at (866) 633-6787.

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