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Chemical Dependency Program

Helping Patients Recover

Our approach to the rehabilitation process includes a comprehensive range of services and programs that help develop a patient’s successful path to recovery. Backed by proven research and evidence-based treatments, we believe that we can help patients start the healing and recovery process the moment they walk through our doors. During this structured time of education, therapeutic counseling, and support, the patient will be immersed in a variety of individual groups in addition to having counseling sessions twice a week with their assigned therapist. All programs are facilitated by our clinical staff.

This includes professionals and experts such as the following:

  • Board-certified psychiatrist
  • Licensed counselor
  • Nurses
  • Spiritual care professionals
  • Marriage and family therapists
  • Nutritionists

With our multidisciplinary team providing care, support, and services designed to help you achieve optimal recovery, you can walk away from our chemical dependency program ready to take the next step towards a life free of addiction.

Treating the Whole Person: Spirit, Mind & Body

At our Laguna Beach and Mission Viejo drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, we provide care not just to the person’s body and mind, but spirit as well. We believe that by addressing the whole person, we can provide chemical dependency treatment that will last. Our experts at both our Laguna Beach and Mission Viejo drug rehab centers incorporate proven treatment protocols that are designed to help you or your loved one succeed in their addiction recovery.

Depending on the patient’s specific needs, our chemical dependency program may include medical detox and rehabilitation, followed up by an continuing care program and family program designed to encourage long-term success.

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