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Aftercare & Alumni Programs at Pacific Coast Rehab

Even when patients finish our medical detox, inpatient, partial, and outpatient programs (if necessary), there are still many benefits of remaining connected with an alumni or aftercare program. These services are designed to help recovered addicts maintain their freedom from chemical dependency and continue to build on their foundation of rehabilitation. That is why Pacific Coast Rehab offers ongoing support and fellowship opportunities for our patients.

This includes various meetings and events, such as:

  • Regular alumni events
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Alcoholics Anonymous

All of these groups and functions are ideal ways to connect back to Pacific Coast Rehab, share issues and struggles, and talk openly in a supportive setting. It also allows for patients and family to re-build bonds with staff, treatment experts, and other patients.

Why Alumni Services Are Important

Once the treatment has been completed, patients (or graduates) are invited to join our alumni group and attend the regular events. This not only encourages patients to maintain close friendships with others who went through a similar program, but also connects them with additional 12-step groups, sponsors, and social events.

Our alumni staff is constantly looking for ways to add to our alumni services. If you are interested in participating in events, weekly meetings, or reaching out to other alumni, please email alumni@stjoe.org.

Trust Your Loved One’s Recovery to Pacific Coast Rehab

In Laguna Beach our drug rehabilitation center is passionate about making a difference in the lives of patients. Start the healing process in the mind, body, and spirit today!

If you would like to begin the journey of recovery or want to connect back with alumni after leaving, we encourage you to visit us or give our facilities a call at (866) 633-6787 today to learn more about specific events and times.

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