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About Pacific Coast Rehab

Helping You Start Your Path to Recovery in Mission Viejo & Laguna Beach

Pacific Coast Rehab addresses the need for in-hospital addiction rehabilitation and hospital detoxification service for adults suffering from chemical dependency.

Pacific Coast Rehab understands how difficult it can be to break free of chemical dependency, which is why we are passionate about helping individuals navigate their way to freedom and regain control over their lives.

As a hospital based program, we offer many unique benefits, including:

  • 24-hour access to onsite medical support and services
  • Support from an award-winning emergency department
  • Joint Commission accredited hospital, giving peace of mind
  • Acceptance of most major insurance plans
  • Care from board-certified psychiatrists, nurses, and licensed counselors
  • Specialty care for all aspects of addiction, including mental health and nutrition

What makes Pacific Coast Rehab stand out?

Patients experiencing distress from their difficult detox will be comfortable and medically monitored.

Our serene ambiance is highlighted by the scenic beauty, with every room boasting panoramic views of the ocean. The feeling of spiritual healing and relaxation overflow throughout the facility.

Take the First Step Towards Healing & Recovery

At Pacific Coast Rehab, we believe in turning the disease of addiction into the gift of recovery, one family at a time. We understand the difficult road ahead for people facing recovery from chemical dependency. Our nurturing, supportive environment provides 24-hour advanced medical care and a holistic approach that successfully addresses each person's unique needs. We believe in addressing body, mind, and spirit when it comes to drug rehabilitation.

We encourage you to call (866) 633-6787 today if you
would like to learn more about our facilities or treatment programs.

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